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December 2017

Membership Retention & Relations

Surveying The Past, Engineering The Present and Planning The Future

By Rosie Slocum, MCMP, Director of Membership, BallenIsles Country Club, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

There are key elements to any marketing methodology that include segmentation, targeting, positioning, promotional tactics, monitoring and evaluating...


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Featured Articles

Membership Recruitment

Scrub The List!

By Rick Coffey, Product Sales Specialist-CRM & Data Warehouse,
Clubessential, Cincinnati, OH

When you get to speak to many different people, trends
certainly become evident and I hope to speak about one
major trend in this article: the need to cleanse our prospect
databases each year....


Professional Development

Kick Them Out Of Your Canoe - Leadership

by Vincent Ivan Phipps, M.A., CSP, CEO of Communication VIP
Training & Coaching, Chattanooga, TN

You can move faster, yes, even moving by yourself, then
you can with those you are carrying who are not putting
forth their effort....

Club Communications & Technology             

Scrub The List!

by Trevor Coughlan, Director, Marketing & Product Management, Jonas Club Software

From the very beginning, your website should be designed to appeal most to your target audience, and this can be determined by your overall business goals...



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