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Communication Strategies

April 2017

Membership Retention & Relations

Speaking Each Other's Language, Literally

by Richard Hadden, Contented Cow Partners, Jacksonville, FL

If your club is in the US, or other English speaking part of the world, your members and guests are better served when every employee they encounter can speak English.... 

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Tuesday, May 2nd
Central & Western Carolina Chapter - Providence Country Club
North Texas Chapter Meeting - Royal Oaks Country Club, Dallas, TX
Friday, May 5th
MIchigan Chapter Meeting - Traverse City Golf & Country Club, Traverse City, MI
Thursday, May 18th
Webcast - 3 Most Dangerous Trends Facing Private Club Marketing
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Featured Articles

Membership Recruitment

Membership Is Not A Logical Purchase

by Gabriel Aluisy, The Private Club Agency, Tampa, FL

People join clubs for things like camaraderie, to achieve social status, to give their family a safe and secure environment, to experience exceptional service and for many other reasons that are not inherently logical....


Club Communications & Technology

"Could You Explain That Please?"

by Rick Coffey, CCR, Product Sales Specialist-CRM & Data Warehouse, Clubessential, Cincinnati, OH

Communicating with your Members is really easy isn’t it? [Pause to give time to laugh] .....


Professional Development

Deep Immersion

by Gregg Patterson, Professional Speaker, Santa Monica, CA

I believe in team members who say they need to escape from the routine and the petty and go deep into their psyches, their craft, their passions or their personal life....





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