•  Market Demographic Data Reports
    • Prospective Member Data At your Fingertips: Demographic Data Reporting

      * Your #1 Source Of Demographically Driven Membership Insights
      * Let Data Drive Your Process
      * Better Position Yourself To The Market
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      Comprehensive Features:
      Site Map
      Executive Summary
      Market Profile
      Age By Income
      Demographic & Income Comparison Profile
      ACS Housing Summary
            Why a Demographic Data Report?
      Take the guesswork out of determining membership categories.
      Set pricing based upon what your market can afford.
      Determine relevant club offerings and programs.
      Build confidence with your board and management team.
      Understand your prospective member.
      Pre-qualify leads and prospect more efficiently.

      How a Demographic Data Report Works?

      Over the years through hundreds of studies it is clear that members will travel a specific amount of time based upon the time required of an activity. For golf, we find that the near maximum time traveled is fifteen minutes. For tennis, fitness, swim, dining and other activities the willingness to travel is lessened. For a yacht club, the distance may be up to thirty minutes.

      In our standard demographic data reports we will provide you with various levels of reports for a five, ten and fifteen minute drive time from the front door of your club during normal travel hours.

      If you feel that your market is lessor or greater than provided in our standard reports, we can create a custom demographic data report predicated upon three drive times of your choosing. As an example, for a destination club, we can customize our reports to include up to six hours drive time.

      Demographic Data Report

      View Sample
      Standard Drive Times (5-10-15 Minutes)
      $350 - PCMA Member Rate
      $550 - Nonmember Rate
      Custom Drive Time Requests
      $350 + $35/Custom Drive Time - PCMA Member Rate
      $550 + $35/Custom Drive Time - Nonmember Rate

      To place your order, simply fill in the attached DDR Order Form with complete profile and contact information. Within 48 hours we will prepare six specific reports including a drive time boundary of the market’s surveyed, and the other reports as listed above.
      Should you decided you would like to enhance your initial demographic data report, you may communicate your upgrade requests by completing the DDR Upgrade Form. We will prepare your upgraded information within 48 hours.

  •  Member Surveys
    • Online Member Surveys

      Willow Oaks Country Club in Richmond, VA - Case Study and Testimonial

      The vocal minority does not always represent the opinions of your membership, as a whole. The only way to get a true picture of member needs and satisfaction is by asking.

      Member surveys are a powerful tool in determining your member’s perceptions, needs, attitudes and interests. They can be used as report cards to determine how well you are satisfying needs, to ascertain support for issues such as renovations or membership initiatives and they can be used on a scheduled periodic basis to benchmark your progress in satisfying the needs of the membership.

      This service offers an online survey that can be emailed to your members or linked directly to your Club’s website. For members not wishing to complete the survey online, it is a simple function of printing the survey and either inputting the results in-house or shipping the written surveys to us for input.

      For purposes of illustrating the kinds of questions typically asked in member surveys, we have provided a sample set of questions for your review. Please click on the link below to download a sample of the survey.

      Survey Sample

      The survey begins by asking the respondent about types of membership, ages, residential distance from the club, family make-up, as well as other demographic specific questions. This analysis will show how responses to the same question, differ throughout the demographic make-up of the club's membership. This information is invaluable as the culture of today’s private club is ever changing.


      The objectives of the member survey are as follows:
      1. To establish a demographic profile of member/respondents.
      2. Examine the importance to members of different Club areas and activities.
      3. Examine member satisfaction with the Club areas, services, operations, and facilities.
      4. Explore the styles of dining that are important to members.
      5. Determine member agreement with different Club issues.
      6. Explore the preferences of members for select capital projects.
      7. Determine the preferences of members for financing capital projects.
      8. Investigate how membership classification, length of membership, gender, Club distance from residence, frequently used areas, number of children, age, and monthly spending affect how respondents answered the questions.
      9. Offer a line of communication between the members and the Club’s Board and management.

      This service will work with you to develop the question sets or you can choose from a variety of stock questions. Generally speaking, the survey, once authorized to proceed, can be in your member’s hands in 2-4 weeks depending upon the amount of time to gain approval on the questions. Once released to the members, we recommend three weeks until the survey process closes. Obviously, this can vary depending upon the individual requirements of the Club. Once the survey is closed we will have the analyzed results back to you within a week to ten days, along with an Executive Summary.


      The service will provide the Club with a full set of collated results and an Executive Summary pointing to the high and low points of member’s responses. As an additional option, a service representative will deliver the Executive Summary onsite to a panel of decision makers utilizing PowerPoint to illustrate the key elements of the survey.

      Pricing is based upon quantity. Please feel free to contact us for a quote at 
  •  New Move-In Lists
    • Prospective members within miles of your club.

      Why a New Move In List?

      • Be the first to welcome your new neighbors to the neighborhood.
      • Provides new membership opportunities by allowing you to share your club's offerings to your most lucrative market.
      • Provides new homeowners with additional opportunities for their recreational and social entertainment.
      • Fresh, reliable information ahead of your competition.
      • Allows you to drive membership sales and market perception. 

      New Move In List Feature

      • 12 months of new homeowners within 15 miles of your club.
      • Customized household incomes.
      • Customized home values.
      • Customized demographics within your target market.
      • Your custom forms will be compatible with your CRM or current member list database.
      • Lists delivered once a month for 1 year.
      • Listing of over 190 million people in every corner of the U.S

      How The New Move In List Works

      Our New Move In Lists will provide you with various newcomers from a five, ten and fifteen minute drive time from their front door to your club. This is opportunity in your own back yard. If you feel that your market is lessor or greater than provided in our standard reports, we can create custom New Move In reports predicated upon drive times or even a zip code of your choosing.

      To place your order, fill in the New Move In List Request Form with profile and contact information.

      A PCMA associate will contact you for the specifics of your requested reports including a drive time boundary within your market.

  •  1st Impression Training

    • First Impression Training

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      Customized for the private club industry, we invite your staff team to experience PCMA's
      First Impression Training Program.  This inclusive series of training videos is designed to be a flexible fit for your organization's needs and budget through annual subscription with unlimited users. Our training is dynamic, fun and relevant with focused subject matter that is sure to help your staff team lead prospective members to a premier club experience.

      The first impression of club staff, facilities and culture all dramatically impact a prospective members' decision on whether or not to establish membership at your club. They arrive in search of a connection and each interaction has the potential to throw a curve ball in the engagement process. In this program we will pin point the most common areas of influence to help improve your club's ability to leave a positive impression prospective members.

      Through a series of vignettes, we will take you through a 360 degree prospective member experience. Together we will review a variety of private club do's and don'ts scenarios. After each video, we will talk through the examples and identify techniques for communicating your club brand and perception successfully.

      Aside from the full First impression Training Program, you can also subscribe to the First Impression Overview Video portion of the program.  This eight minute video does not include departmental training breakdowns, but is perfect for staff team meetings.  It documents the journey of a prospective member couple and their interaction with club staff from entry to exit.  This video successfully combines humor with relatable scenarios resulting in an engaging educational experience.

      Key areas of focus:

      1. Club Entry
      2. Valet
      3. Receptionist
      4. Membership Director
      5. General Manager
      6. Food & Beverage
      7. Pro Shops
      8. Fitness Center
      9. Bottom Line
      10. Review Exam

  •  Business & Residential Lists
    • Setting Up the List Services

      The lists can be segregated by several qualifiers:
      • Location – We generally recommend a fifteen to twenty minute drive time from the Club
      • Home ownership
      • Some markets have income data
      • Price of home

      Business Lists

      We can order lists of businesses qualified by several criteria as follows:
      • Line of Business
      • SIC Codes (Business categories)
      • Distance to Club
      • Number of Employees
      • By Title of Employee
      • Sales Volume
      • Tenure

      Residential Lists

      We can likewise order lists of households qualified by several criteria as follows:
      • Income by HH
      • Golf Interest
      • Boating Interest
      • Value of Home
      • Net Worth Indicator
      • SESI Score – Relative to Other Geographic Areas
      • Age
      • Distance to Club
      Pricing is based upon quantity. Please feel free to contact us for a quote at


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