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      Early Bird Pricing Through May 1, 2017
      CMAA & CSCM Members Earn 10 CMI Education Credits
      PGA Professionals Earn 14 Education Credits

      Pre-Conference Electives

      September 23 & 24, 2017 from 9:00am to 5:00pm

      Complimentary Professional Coaching

      September 23 & 24, 2017 from 8:00am to 5:00pm
      Email to reserve an open timeslot

      1st Time Attendee Networking Reception
      September 24, 2017 from 5:00pm to 5:30pm

      Welcome Reception & Silent Auction

      September 24, 2017 from 5:30pm to 7:00pm
      Conference Education
      September 25, 2017 from 8:00am to 5:00pm
      September 26, 2017 from 9:00am to 4:00pm

      Complimentary Professional Headshots
      September 25, 2017 from 8:00am to 5:00pm
      September 26, 2017 from 9:00am to 4:00pm

      Hotel Accommodations:
      Hilton Nashville Downtown
      121 4th Avenue South
      Nashville, TN 37201
      Hotel Website
      Reservation Center: 615.620.2150
      Group Name: PCMA

      Online Reservation Link 

  • Featured Speakers

    • The Last Club Frontier
      Steve Tyink - Vice President of Business Innovation, Miron Construction Co., Inc.


      Very few options are left. Increased competition and regulations, cost reductions, lack of talent and narrowed margins… how can you thrive in today’s ever changing and demanding marketplace while setting your club apart? This high energy, interactive presentation focuses on the revolutionary, breakthrough methodology of MEMBER ATTACHMENT. Learn how to design the CLUES that create emotion, memories and ultimately member decision making. At the end of this session, each participant will…

      • Have a general understanding of the member attachment theory, the evidence supporting the methodology, and the processes contained within.
      • Understand case studies from market leaders with results.
      • Become familiar with creating ‘Uncontested Space’
      • Determine the use of clues and how they are intentionally designed
      • Walk away with tools that will enable participants the opportunity to begin their ‘attachment’ experience journey immediately.
           Marketing With Generational Intelligence
      Amy Lynch - Founder, Generational Intelligence

      From Millennial and Gen X to Boomer and Gen Z, each generation listens for its trigger words and signature tone in your brand messaging. If they hear it, you’re in. If not, they look elsewhere. In this interactive session, Amy reveals the crucial values and surprising trends that drive relationships and loyalty for each generation in your multi-gen market. This session will highlight generational traits and behaviors, messaging that resonates with each group, planning for generation-specific objections. and much more!
        Leveraging the Power of Stories to Drive Membership Sales and Engagement 
      Ed Heil - Owner & Founder, Storyteller Media + Communications

      For thousands of years humans have shared and passed on stories that reflect attitudes, beliefs and important information. Today, people are tired of interruptive advertisements and search for truthful, authentic information online. Your members and prospective members are no different – they do not want to be sold to, they want to discover stories that will inform and engage them. In this presentation Ed Heil will help you understand how to communicate club value through stories to drive membership engagement and growth.
          Session Details Coming Soon...
      Jeff McFadden - General Manager, The Union League

  •  Welcome Reception and Silent Auction
    • Sunday, September 24, 2017

      5:00pm to 5:30pm - 1st Time Attendee Networking Reception

      Let's be honest...Being a first timer at a big event can be a little awkward no matter how outgoing you might be.  This event offers conference newbies the opportunity to get acquainted with the PCMA team, our conference ambassadors and fellow first timers.  It's also a great time to have your questions answered and make some new friends to sit with during conference education in the upcoming days.  This is a casual come and go event that will lead into our all attendee welcome reception. (attire: resort casual)

      5:30pm to 7:00pm - All Attendee Welcome Reception and Silent Auction

      Begin the dialogue right away at our opening networking reception. Meet and mingle with a network of colleagues, friends and PCMA's professional club resource partners. Embrace this opportunity to build new club relationships in a professional and friendly atmosphere. We encourage each of you to reach out and embrace the many new faces appearing every year - first time attendees will have a green networking sticker!!!

      Our welcome reception with also feature a silent auction.  Auction items will be provided by PCMA regional chapters and professional club resource partners.  The most popular item from 2016 included a wellness package featuring and Fitbit! Funds generated through the auction will be donated to an initiative voted on by the PCMA membership.

      2017 Membership Challenge entries will be on display for your review.  We will invite you to participate in awarding your peers by voting for your favorite entry during the event.  If you'd like to learn more about submitting an entry, please scroll down and open the Membership Challenge tab below.
  •  Professional Networking Event
    • Monday, September 25, 2017

      6:00pm to 8:00pm - Evening Networking Event

      Because we are in "Music City," and our host hotel is within blocks of excellent dining and entertainment options, we have chosen to scale down our traditional networking event.  We will feature an evening event at the Hilton Hotel for those who would like to participate, affording conference attendees the options of staying in, venturing out, or both!  Details of our evening networking event will be added to this page as they are confirmed.

  •  Newsletter & Brochure Fair
    • Year after year conference attendees have confirmed that idea sharing is one of the most actionable takeaways from their conference experience.  One of the best ways to energize and revitalize creative juices and brainstorming efforts is to take in what fellow industry professionals have found to be advantageous and impactful.

      We invite you to share any and all collateral and promotional materials that have been successful in generating qualified prospective members and engaging existing members.  Learning through sharing is a fantastic way to both communicate your club's inventiveness and developing new ideas.

      Conference attendees are encouraged to bring twenty (20) or more copies of club collateral, newsletters and program brochures to exchange with fellow professionals.  There will be specific space within the conference general education room dedicated to the Club Collateral, Newsletter and Brochure Fair.

      If you choose not to hand-carry your entries and would like to ship your materials, please plan for them to arrive no later than September 22nd, 2017.

      Materials should be addressed in the following way:

      Hilton Nashville Downtown
      Attention:  YOUR NAME
      121 4th Avenue South
      Nashville, TN 73201

  •  The Club Membership Challenge
    • The new generation of private club membership and marketing professionals is more impressive than ever. A more challenging and competitive club membership environment is bringing out the absolute best in club membership and marketing inventiveness. The Club Membership Challenge recognizes and awards clubs for successful membership recruitment, relations, retention and event initiatives.

      Participants of The Club Membership Challenge - 2017 are invited to share their challenge entry initiatives with conference attendees at PCMA's 22nd Annual Membership and Marketing Conference.  A space will be dedicated at this year's conference to feature program display boards.  Please contact with questions or for additional information.

      Sample Entry Topics:

      • prospective member events
      • member guest events
      • referral programs
      • incentive programs
      • special event programming
      • youth programming
      • loyalty programs
      • legacy programs
      • membership categories
      • reciprocal programs
      • etc....let your creativity lead the way.... 

      The Club Membership Challenge Requirements


      Entry Submission Deadline: Emailed to by September 15, 2017
      • Complete online registration form
      • 1 page summary explaining the reasoning and goals behind the membership initiative
      • 1-3 page outline of the membership initiative (What it is, how it works, how it was marketed/communicated, how it was implemented, etc.)
      • 1 page summary of the results        
      • Letter of authorization from club management for entry into The Club Membership Challenge - 2017


      A display board visually outlining the submitted initiative (Maximum size 20" x 30" x 3/16") should arrive to the conference venue by Wednesday, September 20th, 2017. 

      Display board box should be addressed in the following way:

      Hilton Downtown Nashville
      Attention:  Donna Coyne
      121 4th Avenue South
      Nashville, TN 37201

      PCMA will not be responsible for the shipment or return of entries. Should you elect to keep your entry, it must be picked up by 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 26th, 2017. After this time, unclaimed entries will be discarded.

      The Club Membership Challenge Awards


      • 1st place recognition to be placed on display board at 2017 conference showcase
      • 1st place - crystal trophy honoring your club's membership excellence
      • Waived conference registration for 2018
      • Article and award excellence feature in Club Membership & Marketing Magazine
      • Club industry press release provided to important industry media channels


      • 2nd place recognition to be placed on display board at 2017 conference showcase
      • 2nd place crystal trophy honoring your club's membership excellence
      • Waived conference registration for 2018
      • Article and award excellence feature in Club Membership & Marketing Magazine


      • 3rd place recognition to be placed on display board at 2017 conference showcase
      • 3rd place crystal trophy honoring your club's membership excellence
      • Waived conference registration for 2018
      • Article and award excellence feature in Club Membership & Marketing Magazine 
  •  2017 Electives
    • 2017 Pre-Conference Elective Schedule

      Offered live at the 22nd Annual Club Membership & Marketing Conference 
      Hilton Hotel - Nashville, TN
      Small Group - Classroom Style Courses 


      Saturday, September 23rd, 2017 - 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.           

      Have you ever wished you could “clone” yourself and develop a team dedicated to assisting with membership prospecting, membership enrollment and membership engagement? This session will help you build your membership committee into exactly that – your “membership team”. Most clubs have a membership committee that serves as part of the approval process; but how many are truly effective and productive in all other critical roles such as prospecting, closing, orientating and engaging? Join your peers from clubs across the country in this one-day, interactive session that will include education, exercises and idea sharing around the following course objectives:

      • Committee Foundation – confirming a mission statement, tools for identifying qualified committee representatives, outlining committee responsibilities and expectations
      • Committee Support – training and guidelines for setting committee representatives up for success and productivity
      • Committee Programming – engaging committee representatives in brainstorming, implementing and communicating programs and initiatives
      • Committee Motivation – recognizing, acknowledging and appreciating committee representatives
      • Committee Trouble-shooting – handing difficult situations and committee representatives, solutions to common committee challenges and gaining respect as a leader within the group

      This session promises to provide PCMA members with the road map to finding and cultivating the best membership committee for their club!


      Instructed by
      Kathy O'Neal
        Club Resort Hospitality Consulting

      DIGITAL MARKETING BOOT CAMP with your personal trainer, Gabriel Aluisy

      Sunday, September 24th, 2017- 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

      Get your club’s online marketing efforts into shape in this one day interactive program. We’ll cover all things digital from social media marketing to email blasts and from productivity tools to search engine optimization. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by technology or unsure of where to start, this is the perfect primer into the most powerful and cost-effective membership building platforms out there. And if you’ve been successfully marketing your membership online, you’ll learn new techniques and emerging trends so you can stay ahead of the curve. Here are just a few things you’ll take away:

      • Learn how to generate qualified membership leads online without gimmicks or discounts
      • Discover effective techniques for making your content go “viral”
      • Explore little known tips, tricks and hacks for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social networks
      • Get the recipe to turn your members into marketers without sacrificing privacy or prestige
      • Find out how to analyze and make use of website analytics
      • Learn the art of telling a great story online
      • Uncover emerging online trends and best practices

      We’ll develop your marketing muscles together and you’ll come away from this program with confidence, with understanding and with the skills to be a positive force for your club online.

      Instructed by
      Gabriel Aluisy

      Author, Radio Host, Consultant 


      Sunday, September 24th, 2017 - 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. 

      If you are looking to be energized, inspired and enlightened then this session is for you.  Working within a team can be full of curve balls and conflicting agendas, however once we understand how to give others what they need we become more successful in getting what we need from them.  This highly interactive course will feature exercises designed to break down barriers and explore opportunities for establishing positive connections with your peers.

      Communication Strategies:

      • Awareness of your strengths and weaknesses
      • Improvement of listening skills and learn how to use listening to build rapport
      • Understanding of the four dynamics of communication

      Conflict Resolution:

      • Defusing negativity and emotion
      • Recommended responses and techniques for reducing defensiveness
      • Encouraging behavioral change


      • Understanding and appealing to different leadership styles
      • How to inspire and influence
      • Improve accountability


      Instructed by
      Vincent Ivan Phipps

      Leadership Expert



      Saturday & Sunday, September 23rd and 24th, 2017 - 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
      ***Active CMP status is required for enrollment in this course.

      This course is designed for club professionals wanting to understand better the importance of incorporating the fundamental principles of strategic marketing management, strategic planning, leadership, and follow-through. The emphasis is on creating a vision, getting buy-in from both the volunteer members and the management team. Commitment to persistent execution and measurable outcomes will also be covered. Understanding that knowledge and awareness of the club’s vision allows every committee and department to develop their own goals, along with the coordinated strategies to achieve these goals, is a key element in a club’s long-term success. (Duration: two days, 16 hours)
      • Creating and implementing a clearly articulated vision
      • Focusing on the club leadership as it’s defined in the mission statement
      • Defining key result areas of a strategic plan
      • Understanding how to develop and implement strategic goals
      • Providing measurable results as defined by a strategic plan
      • The course is specially designed to educate membership and marketing professionals on a strategic, rather than a day-to-day, level

      Instructed by
      Rick Coyne


      Clubmark Corporation
      C.E.O of PCMA

      All educational programs offered by the Association are proprietary to PCMA, LLC.
      All Rights Reserved - 2016.

  •  Testimonials
    • "Attending PCMA conference has become the highlight of my professional year. I came to my first conference not fully knowing what to expect, but with that one and each since, I continue to walk away rejuvenated and refocused. Plan to hear some excellent speakers on both a personal and professional level, gain some valuable insight into other clubs’ best practices, and take home the latest on industry trends. Nowhere else can I gather so much information, make so many connections, and have such a great experience in the process as the annual PCMA conference."
      Roxanne Filby - Country Club of Lincoln - Lincoln, Nebraska

      “As technology continues to enhance communication through the internet, emailing and texting, I still greatly appreciate the chance to meet with my peers face to face - to spend time with professionals who understand the challenges we all face on a day to day basis. I look forward every year to attending the PCMA conference to share ideas, ask for advice, learn best practices and find out about new trends in the business. It is very helpful to have access to experts in the field and to new information and studies. It is a great opportunity to connect with old friends each year, and to meet new ones. I would not miss it, and encourage anyone in the industry to join PCMA, attend the conference, and take a giant step forward in their career.”
      Janice Graves - Palo Alto Hills Golf & Country Club - Palo Alto, California

      “PCMA membership and the Annual Conference have been extremely valuable assets for ideas and information as a private club Membership Director. The opportunity to network and connect with other membership and marketing professionals from around the country, on both a daily and annual basis, has created numerous friendships that have allowed me to reference the experiences of others within the industry. At each Annual Conference, I walk away with a notebook packed full of new ideas and programs that I can’t wait to implement at my club. Anyone in a similar membership/marketing position at a club should definitely put this event on their calendar.”
      Paul Pillsbury - Thornblade Club - Greer, South Carolina

      "The PCMA conference is always up to speed on fresh new ideas in the club industry. Each year I take away new, innovative ideas that apply to membership sales and retention. PCMA members also benefit from shared ideas and information from club professionals worldwide. I highly recommend attendance at a PCMA conference. Discover for yourself the impact it will have on you as a membership and marketing professional!"
      Terri Kennedy - The Club at Carlton Woods - The Woodlands, Texas

      "PCMA Conference is a “must attend” for membership and marketing professionals at all levels of tenure in the club industry. Tenured directors like myself with over 25 years in the industry still need a “shot in the arm” to keep our focus fresh and current as there is always something new to learn or improve upon. I especially look forward to learning the latest national trends, exchanging ideas with those in like-minded clubs and the camaraderie of my peers and old friends. There truly is something for everyone – motivational speakers, industry leading presenters, technology updates, shared best practice roundtables, and a variety of networking opportunities."
      Debbie Pepper - The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch - Boerne, Texas

      "As a brand new member to PCMA, the 2013 conference in Nashville was my first and I am so elated I was able to experience it. I cannot stress enough the value of having a community of peers that you can connect with to help better understand your industry and keep your club updated with the current trends. The networking opportunities were truly invaluable. I met so many amazing and talented people at the conference that I still keep in touch with and look forward to seeing next year! The conference was very well put together with a panel of informative and relevant speakers that helped provide me with some key takeaways I could immediately implement back at our club. I can’t wait for the next one!"
      Ashley Nierman - The Los Angeles Country Club - Los Angeles, California

      “PCMA membership and conference is an amazing program for all those in the industry. Within my first year, I was able to study for and attain my CMP certification. The conference was an exciting event and I truly enjoyed the opportunity to meet with other Membership Directors, share ideas, and to learn from those that have been in the business for years. The conference is full of new and creative ideas that I could immediately apply here at my club. They had a wonderful panel of speakers who shared their ideas and knowledge as well as our round table discussions. I am truly looking forward to next year’s event!”
      Nina Sligar, CMP - Great Hills Country Club - Austin, Texas



Professional Certification

PCMA offers professional accreditation through an online and on-demand program designed to elevate professional standards, enhance individual performance, and recognize membership and marketing professionals who demonstrate the knowledge essential to the practice of club membership and marketing management. [more]

23rd Annual Membership & Marketing Conference

  • Save the Date: September 17th & 18th, 2018
  • Chicago, IL
  • Conference Sessions and Brochure - coming soon
  • Conference Registration and Pricing - coming soon

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