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Established in 1995, PCMA is the association for membership and marketing professionals at private clubs and is dedicated to providing contemporary resolution to complex club membership and marketing issues through information, education and networking.

The membership landscape at private clubs has changed, and continues to change at a rapid pace. And, as clubs face their most difficult challenges, more clubs are turning to PCMA for relevant information on industry trends, innovative educational programs and effective professional networking platforms.

Our 800+ members represent the very best in the membership and marketing profession at golf, country, city, athletic, faculty, resort, yacht, town and military clubs both nationally and internationally.

  •  Mission
    • The Mission of PCMA

      PCMA strives to advance the profession of club membership and marketing by providing our members:

      • Relevant information on trends affecting the membership club industry
      • An encompassing educational venue from which to grow and network professionally
      • Representation to other professional associations within the industry

  •  Code of Ethics
    • PCMA Code of Ethics

      Excellence, Professionalism, and Leadership

      We believe the membership management and marketing of clubs is an honorable calling. It shall be incumbent upon membership and marketing professionals to be knowledgeable in the application of sound principles in the practice of private club membership and marketing management, with ample opportunity to keep abreast of current practices and procedures. We are convinced the Professional Club Marketing Association best represents these interests, and as members thereof, subscribe to the following CODE OF ETHICS.

      We will uphold the best traditions of membership and marketing through adherence to sound business principles. By our behavior and demeanor, we shall set an example for our co-workers and will assist our club officers and managers to secure the utmost in efficient and successful club membership and marketing operations.

      We will consistently promote the recognition and esteem of membership and marketing as a profession and conduct our personal ad business affairs in a manner to reflect capability and integrity. We will always honor our contractual employment obligations.

      We shall promote community and civic affairs by maintaining good relations with the public sector to the extent possible within the limits of our club's demands.

      We will strive to advance our knowledge and abilities as club membership and marketing professionals, and willingly share with other Association members the lessons of our experience and knowledge gained by supporting and participating in our local chapter and the National Association's educational conferences and certification programs.

      We will not permit ourselves to be subsidized or compromised by any interest doing business with our clubs.

      We will advise the National Headquarters, whenever possible, regarding membership and marketing professional openings at clubs that come to our attention. We will do all within our power to assist our fellow members in pursuit of their professional goals.

      We shall not be deterred from compliance with the law, as it applies to our clubs. We deem it our duty to report to the National Headquarters any willful violations of the PCMA CODE OF ETHICS.


      All efforts should be made to deal with ethics violations on a local level before bringing them to the national level.

      The following should serve as basic guidelines:
      1. Any individual with whom another member or chapter has a dispute should be advised of the ethics violation in writing, over the local chapter president's signature, and given a reasonable period in which to resolve the situation.
      2. Should the issue not be resolved in a reasonable time-frame, a letter should be sent by the local chapter president, to the PCMA Executives at National Headquarters, indicating the violation and what actions the local chapter has taken to resolve the dispute.
      3. Following the PCMA Executives' review, and depending upon the nature of the violation, this issue may be referred to the PCMA Board of Directors for further action.
      4. Each chapter should include an annual review of the PCMA Code of Ethics to ensure members are familiar with its contents.

      The PCMA Code of Ethics is based on the CMAA Code of Ethics and Practices.
  •  Testimonials
    • Professionalism. Excellence. Leadership.


      “Every time I leave our chapter meetings I feel great about myself, and my role as a Membership Director. Being able to sit around a table with a group of people that you can share ideas with and relate to on so many different matters is absolutely beneficial. It reassures me how valuable it is to belong to this association, and the continuing high level education you provide is highly rewarding. I am quickly developing new skills such as feeling less afraid to speak in a group setting, it’s been a great exercise for me to build confidence, learn more about the private club industry, and reinforces my commitment to my career development, my club, and its membership! Thanks PCMA, being part of you is truly valuable!”
      Sthefany Loza
      Membership Secretary
      Claremont Country Club - Oakland, CA

      “If you are a Membership Director for a private club, you simply must be part of PCMA to succeed fully. With the shift in both the economy, as well as the families looking at private club membership, you need to have the expansive resources which PCMA provides in order to thrive. From the education opportunities, to the networking connections, PCMA offers so much for a sales professional to expand their skill sets and resources. PCMA is a great investment in yourself and your success moving forward.”

      Rick Coffey, CCR
      Membership Sales & Marketing Director
      Ravinia Green Country Club - Ravinia Green, IL

      "My involvement with PCMA over the past thirteen years has been, and continues to be, the most important and best resource that I have for membership best practices, sales tools and innovative marketing relating to the private club industry. I have been able to use “takeaways” from clubs around the country to create programs for the club. My PCMA membership is important to me because it represents an association that I believe in. I love the members of my local chapter, as well as, the many people that I have met over the years. Day to day, it is a fantastic resource for questions, club comparison, programs and general support.”
      Maureen Kindred, MCMP
      Membership and Marketing Director
      The Peninsula Club - Cornelius, NC

      "Since joining PCMA, my career as a membership professional has changed dramatically. The resources available through PCMA have been invaluable to me and to my club. Due to PCMA resources, I have become the "resident expert" at my club in club trends. I always enjoy our local chapter meetings. I never leave an event without a great take away and we have lots of fun!"
      Donna Bilger, CMP
      Membership Director
      The Amelia Island Club - Amelia Island, FL

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Professional Certification

PCMA offers professional accreditation through an online and on-demand program designed to elevate professional standards, enhance individual performance, and recognize membership and marketing professionals who demonstrate the knowledge essential to the practice of club membership and marketing management. [more]

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