Join us for our bi-monthly webcast series!  We are proud to feature a variety of private club industry issues that directly impact membership, marketing and communication professionals.  We work diligently to select and confirm leading industry experts to be presenters within this second to none online educational experience.       


  • Private Club Website Design Trends: You See The Chipped Paint At The Clubhouse – Who’s Looking Out For Your Aging Website?
    • presented by Devin Meister, Demand Generation Manager at Clubessential

      Thursday, July 25th, 2019
      11am Pacific / 1pm Central / 2pm Eastern

      If your online presence needs to be elevated and if you’re looking for guidance on how to get started, this session is for you!

      Your club website is one of the most “visited” sections of your club, but yet it’s rarely equally maintained like other “high traffic” areas. Unlike physical structures that visibly show when they need updates, it is easier to allow websites and other technology to fall behind the times. In this session we will discuss how a dated website can result in an even bigger impact and risk than chipping paint on the clubhouse. Your website plays critical roles in the new and existing member experience from offering a visual appearance curated with the contemporary club member in mind, to maximizing efficiency through technological advancements, to user-friendly accessibility, to security and back-office administrative operations just to name a easy few.

      Join us as we discuss:

      • the significance of website evolution
      • website design trends and usage
      • what you should consider before you begin a website redesign project
      • conversation starters for getting your decision-makers excited
      • the ROI of a well-designed website and resourceful technology
  • The Power Of Pictures: Tips & Triggers For Motivating Your Target Audience Through Images
    • presented by Laura Leszczynski, VP of Marketing and Strategy at Strategic Club Solutions

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      Visual marketing is most certainly a trending topic when it comes to capturing the attention of our members and prospective members. In this session neuromarketing guru, Laura Leszczynski VP of Marketing and Strategy at Strategic Club Solutions, will offer her favorite tips for influencing decision making through visual ques. Participants can expect to learn:

      • how to use photos to lead the viewer’s eye where you want it to go,
      • how to take and crop photos that help engage viewers,
      • how simple awareness and manipulation of your subject’s eyes trigger behavior,
      • understand research on what kind of images are more likely to go viral,
      • and many more brain science tips that teach you how to use photos to your advantage.
  • KPIs Influencing Membership Retention in 2019
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      presented by AJ Redetzke, Creative Golf Marketing

      How is it possible to identify members that are on trend to becoming the club's next resignation letters? Utilizing data and effective Retention Campaigns can help decrease 'controllable' circumstances and lower attrition rates at your club.

      In terms of developing a strategy to identify and evaluate your own member's activity and engagement, club leadership should start with the basics and understand how to identify those 'at risk' members; have a Retention Campaign outlined and ready to increasing engagement implement; and determine who is responsible for acting on this information and monitoring progress.

      In this session, AJ Redetzke, Vice President of Creative Golf Marketing, will provide you with all the information you need to create a membership retention program for your club.

      • Identify and Group Members to Classify Those 'At Risk.'
      • Implement Retention Campaigns.
      • Ensure Effective Communications.
      • Monitor Patterns and Process Against Defined Goals.


  • Selling Golf Club Memberships; What future buyers are telling us today...
    • Presented by Jason Becker, CEO at Golf Life Navigators

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      Without question, the art of marketing to prospective members can be a challenge while trying to figure out what message to broadcast. Is it about the golf, club amenities, social life, wellness activities, real estate, the people, value of initiation, etc, etc, etc? 

      I think we would agree that it is a combination of all the above mentioned factors. BUT, what if you had an array of granular data on what the latest motivations and expectations are for buyers coming to your market place? Moreover, how about gender specific data on what is motivating him/her while searching for the PERFECT private club….AND, how about a look at the generational differences of opinion between Millennial’s, GenX and the Baby Boomers while they search for their ideal golf club community?  

      Join Golf Life Navigators for a special look at never before seen consumer data and what is motivating buyers to find the PERFECT club in the Sun Belt. We promise a discussion like never before and one that will leave you with thought provoking ideas on how to finely tune your marketing message to prospective members.  

      We look forward to a great interactive sure to bring your note pads! 
  • Pitching The Shift To Contemporary Club Marketing
    • Presented by Ed Heil, Owner & Founder at Storyteller Media + Communications

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      Is your marketing in a rut? Are you looking for a better way to attract and convert new prospects and engage current members? Changing the way you market your club means moving away from traditional club tactics like membership brochures, flyers, tours, direct mail, etc. and shifting your focus online.

      Contemporary club marketing means elevating your club's brand, turning your static website into a membership referral source and knowing how to connect with today's modern buyer.

      In this session, Ed Heil, former television news reporter and Owner and Founder of StoryTeller Media + Communications, along with Ruth Glaser, former Director of Sales and Marketing at Hazeltine National Golf Club will help you:

      • Learn first hand how Hazeltine National turned their marketing from outbound to inbound resulting in the best years of membership growth in the club's 50 year history
      • Know how to get the support and buy-in of club leadership
      • Understand strategies and tools to make your job easier and drive greater results

  • Identifying and Selling to Different Personality Types
    • Presented by AJ Redetzke of Creative Golf Marketing

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      As professional membership relations and marketing specialists it's our priority to build engaging relationships with prospects that show interest in our private club's programming and amenities. We understand that customizing our value proposition is an essential component of our success in membership sales within this competitive luxury market, but how exactly do we best position our pitch for those on the receiving end? During this webcast we will explore four primary personality types and the influencing factors within each classification.

      Expected takeaways include:

      • Key indicators and characteristics for identifying each of the primary personality types.
      • Decision making processes and triggers of each primary personality type.
      • Strategies and examples for tailoring your value proposition to each personality type.
      • Keywords, calls to action and concepts that motivate each primary personality type.
  • Top 5 Sales Trends & Analysis Takeaways
    • Presented by Nick Wright and Rick Coffey of Clubessential along with Hannah Eanes of PCMA
      Duration: 45 minutes followed by Q&A
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      We invite you to join us online as we explore best practices centered around our favorite membership sales research insights. The intention of this session is to expand upon areas of significance within our overall study. Expected takeaways include and are not limited to:

      • Adapting to unique prospect wants and needs.
      • Creating systems that result in improved time management.
      • Building a referral friendly membership culture, tips for making the referral process convenient and motivating referrals through relevant rewards.
      • Applying rational market intelligence vs. the ramifications of deals and promotions.
      • Presenting reporting and data to elevate the position and importance of membership marketing.
  • A Youth-Centric Approach to Membership Development
    • Presented by Dan Schmitz of KECamps
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      If your goal this year is to attract and engage more families and their children this session is for you this session is for you. Dan Schmitz, of KECamps and kids programming guru, will explore the reasons why a child-focused approach is a winning strategy for retaining current members and gaining new ones. During this session he will share creative examples of what he is seeing work for private clubs, specifically in the area of summer programming.

      Expected takeaways from this session include:

      • How dynamic summer programming is influencing membership sales and engagement
      • Identifying your target audience and how to reach them
      • Examples of non-traditional activities that work
      • Success stories from growing clubs
      • Actionable strategies for applying summer programming as a membership sales and retention tool
  • How To Boost Your Membership With Inbound Marketing
    • Presented by Dawn Taylor, Sean Blyel andVictoria Burns of MembersFirst
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      New technology and a massive generational shift are significantly influencing how clubs should be marketing to prospective members.  This session will spotlight how marketing has changed in the digital age and why private clubs would be wise to adapt. During the session we will look at why Inbound Marketing is essential to a membership marketing plan and the online strategies membership managers can implement to grow a club's prospective member list.

      This session will focus on the following:

      • Keys to successful inbound marketing
      • Lead generation
      • Content creation and distribution
      • Prospect management


  • 2017 Private Club Trends
    • Presented by Jackie Carpenter, Editor at the Private Club Advisor
      Duration: 45 minutes followed by Q&A
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      What's trending in Private Clubs in 2017? Learn about industry trends from an expert in private club industry research and information, Jackie Carpenter, CCM, Editor of The Private Club Advisor.

      Through this webcast, attendees will find out what private club members are craving and gain insights for evolving club programming. By acknowledging the trends and industry research presented in this webcast, your team can positively impact membership usage and satisfaction.

      Webcast takeaways:

      • Learn about the latest trends in golf, wellness, food & beverage and service.
      • Understand what prospective and existing members are seeking in food and beverage.
      • Gather great ideas for member programming and special events.
      • Explore success stories from a variety of club types.
  • 3 Most Dangerous Trends Facing Private Club Marketing
    • Presented by Justin Baer - Founder of MemberText and ClubCourses
      Duration: 45 minutes followed by Q&A
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      In the last few years, several interesting trends have taken form that severely impact membership communications both internally and externally for private clubs. Recent studies have shown a serious decline in email open rates & click thru rates. As a result, new strategies must be utilized to compete in the marketplace. During this webcast Justin will share his latest research on how these trends are affecting private clubs. Additionally, he will highlight what elite membership and marketing professionals are doing to not only manage the affects of these trends, but also capitalize on them!

      Webcast takeaways:

      • Understand the 3 most relevant communication trends facing membership marketing
      • Learn strategies for navigating and capitalizing on these trends
      • Review real world examples of how club professionals have changed the way they market
  • How to Use Video to Drive Leads for Your Club
    • Presented by Ed Heil -  Owner & Founder of StoryTeller Media + Communications
      Duration: 45 minutes followed by Q&A
      REGISTER NOW  (recording)
      Your club is a unique blend of emotional and visual experiences and while written text and images certainly play a part in communicating your story, video has become the go-to medium for people on the go. What’s more, 48% of “millenials” view video on their mobile device and 70% are likely to watch video before making a buying decision. It’s safe to say video marketing is no longer an up and coming tactic!

      In this Webcast, Ed Heil, a former television news reporter and Owner and Founder of StoryTeller Media + Communications, will help you:
      •  Learn how to use video to increase membership and event sales
      •  Understand the biggest dangers in producing video
      •  Understand the costs and how to maximize their investment

  • What's New In Website Design
    • Presented by Robin Michael - Global Northstar
      Duration: 45 minutes followed by Q&A
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      Capturing the attention of our members and prospective members is a consistent challenge and this session will outline trending tips for designing an engaging website. If you are needing to renovate your existing site or simply looking for ways to energize pages that have become stale, this education opportunity is for you!  

      Expected takeaways from this session include: 

      • Elements of engaging web design (calls to action, photography, content)
      • Latest club industry website design trends and styles
      • Website design examples
      • Mobile and responsive design examples


  • 2016 Private Club Trends
    • Presented by Jackie Carpenter, CCM - Editor of the Private Club Advisor
      Duration: 45 minutes followed by Q&A
      REGISTER NOW (recording)

      What's trending in Private Clubs in 2016? Learn about industry trends from an expert in private club industry research and information, Jackie Carpenter, CCM, Editor of The Private Club Advisor.

      Through this webcast, attendees will find out what members are wanting from their club in the next year and gain insight for evolving club programming. By acknowledging the trends and industry research presented in this webcast, your team can positively impact membership usage and satisfaction.

      Webcast takeaways:
      • Learn about the latest trends in golf, fitness, wellness and recreation.
      • Understand what members are seeking in food and beverage.
      • Gather great ideas for member programming and special events.
      • Explore success stories from a variety of club types.
  • Five Keys To Making Club Committees Constructive & Productive
    • Presented by Kathy O'Neal - Club, Resort, Hospitality Consultant
      Duration: 45 minutes followed by Q&A

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      Along with your board of governors, effective committees are part of building a strong foundation for club success. Identifying dynamic committee members, keeping them motivated, providing direction and maintaining focus are all challenges we face when leading these groups of influential members. Within this webcast we will identify five key components of committee management and offer solutions to the common pain points that are experienced by membership/marketing professionals at the helm of these groups.

      Topics to be included:
      1. Typical committees that most clubs have, plus some new unique groups
      2. Securing a solid link between committees and the BOG
      3. Committee development and maintenance strategies
      4. Tools for committee management
      5. Dealing with delicate situations

      Session takeaways:
      6. Defining a mission and purpose for committees
      7. Characteristics of a qualified committee chair
      8. Developing “job descriptions” for committee members
      9. Committee management templates
      10. Committee member motivation strategies
      11. Navigating common awkward situations that arise
  • Marketing to Millennials, Your Next Number
    • Presented by Gabriel Aluisy – Founder, Shake Creative & CourseDriver and Host of Private Club Radio
      Duration: 45 minutes followed by Q&A

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      Is your club ready for the millennials? Millennials are the largest generation with a current purchasing power of $1.68 Trillion. In less than ten years, they will comprise 75% of the nation's workforce. If your club is going to succeed, you'll need to start preparing. We'll discuss the psychographic profile of millennials, strategies for effectively communicating with this generation and how to serve their unique needs.

      Attendees will not only learn how to win them as members, but how to keep them longer with a club-wide brand and philosophy shift.

      This isn't just a seminar, it's a DO-in-ar where club leaders will leave with an actionable strategic plan to market more effectively.
  • Building a Strategic Member Communication Plan
    • Presented by Shanna Bright - Founder of Private Clubs Online
      Duration: 45 minutes followed by Q&A

      REGISTER NOW (recording)

      PCMA’s 2016 communications and technology survey indicated that 52.4% of participating clubs do not communicate with members and prospects using a formalized plan. In this webinar, we will show you how to build a communication calendar and strategic content plan. We’ll also discuss who on your team should contribute content and manage the plan.


      Webcast takeaways:

      Recommended tools for building a communication calendar

      Best practices for managing a communication calendar

      Strategies for determining frequency of correspondences

      Tips for content generation and audience engagement

  • Top Twelve Trendy Tech Tools
    • Presented by Mark Schlake, Vice-President of Product Development, Northstar and Jim Wisniewski, Director of Sales, Northstar

      REGISTER NOW (recording)

      Learn about the latest and trendiest tools in technology to help you with your Membership opportunities, retention and productivity. We will look at club specific examples of how several readily available apps, website features and newly emerging software tools can assist you and your colleagues in creating a truly world-class experience for your members.

      Topics to be included:
      Websites & Features, New Software Apps (Member & Staff)
      Beacons & Geo-Location Services, Mobile Apps & Productivity Tools

      Session Takeaways:
      Specific Website Functionality
      The use of Beacons, personalization, usage patterns, identification
      Getting the information that you need from your software accurately, efficiently and confidently
      Specific, unique club uses for mobile applications.
  • Modern Club Marketing
    • Presented by Trevor Coughlan, Director of Marketing, Jonas Software

      REGISTER NOW (recording)

      A change is coming, and it's bright eyed and full of ambition. Millennials may be responsible for one of the largest changes the Club Industry and its culture, will ever see, but, are clubs today taking the right steps to ensure they understand and appeal to this new generation of club members?

      This program will highlight the coming demographic change that clubs are going to face, and will examine the tools, technology, communication, and programming, clubs are implementing to better understand and serve potentially younger memberships.


  • Branding: The Art Of Standing Out From The Crowd
    • Presented by Gabriel Aluisy, Founder of Shake Creative
      REGISTER NOW (recording)

      You've heard, "Image is Everything!" So are you doing it right? We will cover the fundamentals of creating a strong brand, why it is so important to target your message and how to build a brand story for your club that will attract new members.

  • Top Nine Tips to Improve Marketing
    • Presented by Trevor Coughlan, Director of Marketing, Jonas Software 
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      This engaging and fast paced session walks attendees through the Top 9 Tips that every club can implement to step up their marketing game. Topics in this session range from the basics of automating your Outlook Inbox to become better organized, to ideas for implementing new social media strategies. This session offers ample opportunities for group discussions and idea sharing.
  • 5 Social Media Content Ideas to Engage Your Members
    • Presented by Shanna Bright, Founder of Private Clubs Online
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      In this webinar, participants will gain an understanding of why it is essential for private clubs to connect with Members online. We’ll review which topics perform well on social media, and which post topics best engage Members to like, comment and share. We’ll discuss how each department can contribute to the Club’s messaging online. In addition, we’ll address how private clubs can enjoy successful Member Communication online, and yet, maintain exclusivity. Key takeaways which can be immediately implemented at your club include:

      • How to involve all department directors in Member Communication
      • Best structure for posts on each social channel
      • What type of content Members find engaging
      • Which channels suit which department
      • Understanding “added value” in Member Communication
  • Leveraging Data to Create More Effective Online Marketing
    • Presented by Brian Harding, Digital Marketing Consultant & Copywriter
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      Create your most successful marketing campaign to date by using the facts and figures that your website is already collecting for you. Learn about the tools that will allow you to work smarter, instead of harder when trying to reach your target audience.

      Utilize the data collected via your website to:

      * maximize the impact of webpages/forms/e-mails
      * increase event registration
      * maximize open rates for blast e-mail messages
      * create user-groups for marketing purposes based on specialized criteria
  • IRS Member Selectivity Requirements


  •  Food & Beverage Programming For Membership Growth, Usage, Retention, & Satisfaction
    • Presented by Michael Crandal, CNG -
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      Any successful enterprise is simply a mirror image of the degree to which the owners and employees of that business consistently deliver what their customers want. And, as private club professionals we have tremendous advantage as it relates to both understanding who our members are and identifying what they want. So, why do we often times have trouble connecting the dots? This webcast will highlight a variety of impactful best practices that are sure to help strengthen relevancy and improve the food and beverage experience your member receive.

      This is a perfect session for membership and marketing professionals to come together with entire the food and beverage team, to learn more about collaboration opportunities and the impact this core department has over membership growth, usage, retention and satisfaction.

      Some excerpts from the session content are listed below as an introduction to this great opportunity:

      QUALITY is: “Quality is conformance to requirements — the requirements of the consumer!”

      is: “A managed or orchestrated perception, left on the mind of the consumer, about the manner in which you go about your business.”

      THE JOB OF A LEADER IS TO MAKE EVERYONE AROUND THEM SUCCESSFUL. A leader’s success is measured in their ability to use knowledge and — if you are really thinking —their ability to motivate others to put their knowledge to work for all those around them!

      THERE ARE NO BUDGET RESTRAINTS! Thinking is even for the frugal, as it costs nothing. But, not thinking can get pretty pricey! It does not necessarily take money to make money. What it does take is ideas! And, ideas only come from those who are thinking. No team grows any bigger than the size of their ideas.
      Oh, and one more thing, just in case you're wondering...

  •  2014 Club Communications & Technology Breakdown
    • Presented by Dr. William Ivers, Sr., Clubessetial
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      We are excited to enhance our recent white paper collaboration with Clubessential by hosting an exclusive webcast follow-up experience. Through this live interactive session, you will receive facts and insights straight from the experts. You also have the opportunity to have your own specific questions answered during the Q&A segment.

      This online event highlights well-researched industry advancements and what's trending for private clubs in the areas of online communications and technology.

      Featured webcast topics include:
      Advancements in Online Security Measures
      Responsive, Dynamic and Hybrid Design
      Concierge Services
      Short Release Cycle Infrastructure

  •  Get Candid With PCMA and the Club 360 Concept
    • Presented by Rick Coyne, CEO, PCMA
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      Are you on the fence about joining PCMA or curious to learn more about our Club 360 educational programming? If so, this is the online event for you as we highlight our favorite member resources and describe the details that make up our Club 360 model.

      Featured topics include, but are not limited to the following:
      Club 360 Overview & Case Study Insights
      Broadening Your Bandwidth with the Club 360 Model
      Member Endorsed Association Resources
      Tools of the Trade (Team Training, List Services, Surveys, DDRs, etc.)

  •  Special Event Programming for Membership Growth, Usage, Retention & Satisfaction
    • Presented by Lynne LaFond DeLuca, Executive Director, ACCP
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      In this Club 360 webcast session, Lynne, will show how club event programming can impact the attraction of new members, influence the retention of existing members, increase club usage numbers and improve member satisfaction. This is a perfect session for membership and marketing professionals to come together with their team members for an exceptional hour of event programming collaboration strategies and education.

      Webcast Takeaways:
      How a "members first" approach to catering and events will build repeat and loyal member business
      Targeting your membership to increase member hosted events
      Positioning the club events as a member benefit to impact member retention
      Providing opportunities for our members to SHINE as event hosts
      Increasing value, fun and WOW moments by creating customized and engaging member events

  •  Wellness Programming for Membership Growth, Usage, Retention & Satisfaction
    • Presented by Karen Sullivan, Director of Fitness & Wellness, The Kansas City Country Club
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      No longer are fitness and wellness centers considered an optional amenity within a private club, but rather a lifestyle requirement of the members. Trends are showing that club wellness programming is a driving force behind strengthening membership growth, usage, retention and satisfaction. This is a perfect session for membership and marketing professionals to come together with their fitness and wellness staff for an exceptional hour of collaboration strategies and education.

      In this webcast, Karen Sullivan, will show how your wellness center can impact attraction of new members, influence retention of existing members, increase club usage numbers and improve member satisfaction. From young to old and veteran to newbies, all prospective and existing members all can find benefit and value in club wellness centers when proper and powerful programming is in place!

      Webcast Takeaways:
      Components of family focused wellness programming
      An inclusive one stop shop experience
      The meaning of wellness and lifestyle programming
      Healthy members are happy members
      Successfully engaging the newbies and non-exercisers
  •  Golf Programming for Membership Growth, Usage, Retention & Satisfaction
    • Presented by Jock Olson, PGA -
      Register Now (recording)

      Currently, the golf industry is justifiably concerned with the health and well-being of private clubs due to the downturn in participation in the game. The over building of courses, the economic recession, changing family/household dynamics and the time commitment to playing the game have all been contributing factors.

      To help navigate these challenging obstacles, we invite you to join us for an insightful hour of education lead by a golf professional with nearly 40 years of private club experience. This is a perfect session for membership and marketing professionals to come together with their golf team, to learn more about collaboration opportunities and the impact this core department has over membership growth, usage, retention and satisfaction.

      Session Takeaways:
      Key characteristics of a profitable pro shop
      Components of a strong and member engaging golf program
      Essential program offerings and ideas
      Opportunities for impacting membership growth
  •  Tennis Programming For Membership Growth, Usage, Retention, & Satisfaction
    • Presented by Chuck Gill, USPTA - Director of Sports at Ibis Golf and Country Club
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      It's no secret that the club tennis operation is a hub of energy and activity. The sport is endearing to a variety of membership demographics the department offers fantastic opportunities to engage members and their guests in club lifestyle. Together staff teams must embrace this club amenity and recognize it's impact on club sustainability.

      We invite you to join us for an insightful hour of education lead by a USTPA professional who is actively working in the trenches on a daily basis. This is a perfect session for membership and marketing professionals to come together with their tennis staff team, to learn more about collaboration opportunities and the impact this athletic department has on overall membership growth, usage, retention and satisfaction.

      Session takeaways:
      * Key occasions for social events and examples
      * Programming options for all demographics
      * Capitalizing on member guest opportunities
      * Education and instructional formats
      * Techniques for program marketing


  •  Developing a Relative Public & Private Social Media Strategy
    • Presented by Ray McDonald, ClubSoft and Casey Newman, The Briar Club
      Register Now (recording) - Released January 2013

      This webcast features both a nationally recognized PCMA member club and online industry resource provider, who together are pioneering the "Private Social Network." Social Media is everywhere these days. Adults use it, kids use it, companies use it and yes your members are using it. However, in a private club it can be a tricky undertaking and there are definitely some rules that you need to play by.

      Webcast Takeaways:
      • Develop board support and buy-in
      • How to control your Facebook page
      • Learn about "The Launch"
      • The importance of a Reservation Engine 
  •  Simple Rules of Email Marketing
    • Presented by Dr. William Ivers, Clubessential and Mandy Benderman, Porters Neck Country Club
      Register Now (recording) - Released March 2013

      Ten years ago, communication with club members was performed privately through newsletters and other direct mailings. Today, the internet dominates the way we distribute information because it reaches targeted readers quickly and it’s cost effective. One challenge we face as private club professionals is that communicating by way of Facebook, Twitter and other social media tools can be considered a more public means of sharing information. Even in a world buzzing with active news feeds, blogs and status updates, email marketing proves to remain a preferred and influential method of communication in many private clubs. Tune-in to this PCMA webcast exclusive and engage in evolving best practices for creating an effective communication channel through email marketing.

      Webcast Takeaways:
      • The objectives of email communication
      • The importance of targeting
      • What to include and what to avoid in emails
      • How to effectively drive traffic from the email to the website
      • 10 types of emails you could be sending to members
      • How to capitalize on the single most effective type of email Measuring your email success
      • Email reporting 101 
  •  Online Tools & Your Club Business Goals
    • Presented by Trevor Coughlan & Basil Botetzayas, Jonas Software
      Register Now (recording) - Released June 2013

      This session will outline various online tools which Professional Club Marketers should take advantage of in order to achieve their Club Business Goals (Member Acquisition, Member Participation, Revenue Generation & Reporting). Throughout the presentation we will discuss using Online Analytics (Google Analytics), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media and Club Websites achieve these business goals. Some areas will focus on planning, while others will concentrate on execution.

      Webcast Takeaways:
      • Understanding Their Audience
      • Building Relationships
      • Generating Leads
      • Measuring & Modifying Performance 
      Too often, the process of learning about these tools concentrates on functionality, and putting them into action is largely left up to the interpretation of the audience. We will present a unique view by focusing on how these tools benefit the overall business, how they work within the marketing mix, and how they can help achieve the aforementioned business goals.

  •  How to Increase Event Participation - Systematically
    • Presented by Dr. William Ivers, Sr., Clubessential
      Register Now (recording) - Released July 2013

      Webcast Takeaways:
      • Discover the tools you already have to increase participation
      • Learn how to save time through efficient planning
      • View sample event marketing plans
      • Receive a complimentary event planning template 
  •  Online Reservations: The Foundation of a Private Club's Internet Strategy
    • Featured Presenters: Roger Lindquist, Director of Web Sales - ForeTees & Brent Elsassar, Communications Manager - Hillwood Country Club in Nashville, TN & Mike Lathrop, Golf Professional - Hillwood Country Club in Nashville, TN
      Register Now (recording) - Released September 2013

      The webcast will offer some innovate perspectives with online reservations at private clubs and how they dramatically impact our ability to better engage our members and prospective members.

      Webcast Takeaways:
      • Online Reservations: No longer the add-on to a sound private club website strategy, but rather the foundation of a
      • sound private club website strategy.
      • The Private Club Website: Two dramatically different approaches to consider when determining the RIGHT website strategy for your club.
      • FREE WAYS (or near free) ways to add value to your website strategy - TODAY 
  •  Data-Driven Club Communications Strategies
    • Presented by Dr. William Ivers, Sr., Clubessential 
      Register Now (recording) - Released December 2013

      We are excited to bring you this great webcast education opportunity focused on online data-driven communications strategies. Membership retention and managing club attrition rates is challenging on all fronts, however, this session will identify techniques for clearly understanding member trends and interests based on the facts. Data about member preferences, spending habits, and online activities can provide a wealth of actionable insights. Leveraging these valuable details effectively can position your club to boost engagement and capture more of your members' discretionary time.

      Webcast Takeaways:
      • Why is membership data so important?
      • What member data should you gather?
      • How do you apply data insights?
      • What are the best opportunities for personalized correspondences?


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