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      Enhance Your Professional Value and Lead Your Club to Sustainability

      The challenging private club membership landscape has increased the demand for qualified membership and marketing professionals, resulting in more and more clubs turning to professional certification offered by PCMA’s acclaimed Membership Management Institute.

      PCMA offers its members a cutting edge professional certification program tailored exclusively to the practice of club membership and marketing management. Members may demonstrate their leadership, commitment, and professionalism by achieving CMP and MCMP status.

      "What an incredible experience! I think every membership professional will benefit from these classes, even if you're not working towards your CMP. Through the courses you will develop more career confidence and learn from your peer group. It was an inspiring opportunity to learn, and I use the tips and techniques daily. In fact, I just closed my last membership based on the AVK and Psychological Debt theories! It works!"
      Heather Myers, CMP
      Director of Membership & Activities, Champion Hills Club

      “The MMI has been invaluable to my professional development and has provided me with the skills necessary to lead my club to sustainability.”

      Kathy Sanders, CMP

      Membership Director, Palo Alto Hills Golf & Country Club, CA
      “Involvement in the MMI has provided me with proactive and solution-based ideas, concepts and programs resulting in greater achievements for my club. I look forward to attaining my MCMP this year!”
      Susan Greer, MCMP
      General Manager, Stockdale Country Club, CA
      “Rich in ideas, concepts, and team building, the MMI experience has strengthened my professional foundation, making me a driving force behind my club’s membership programming.”
      Anita Marini, MCMP
      Membership Relations Director, Lochmoor Club, MI
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    • Professional Certification At Your Fingertips 



      The Certified Membership/Marketing Professional (CMP) designation is achieved through an online program offered on demand for greater flexibility. In order for a PCMA member to attain the CMP, the following requirements must be achieved within a 24-month timeframe in any sequence:
      • Complete the two-day Annual Membership and Marketing Conference
      • Complete all courses within the CMP online program
      • Successfully pass the CMP exam with a score of 78% or higher
      **The exam is provided at the Annual Membership and Marketing Conference.
      *** If a PCMA member does not pass the exam, he or she will have one opportunity to retake the exam at the Conference the following year.


      The Master Certified Marketing Professional (MCMP) and Master Certified Membership Professional (MCMP) are master level programs designed for CMPs with a desire to achieve sustained excellence in club strategic membership and marketing management. The MCMP represents the highest educational designation in the membership and marketing profession. In order to attain the MCMP, a CMP must complete the following requirements:
      • Maintain active CMP status
      • Complete at least two MMI electives (MMI electives are offered in a classroom setting at each Annual Membership and Marketing Conference)
      • Complete the two-day course, Strategic Membership and Marketing Management (offered in a classroom setting at each Annual Membership and Marketing Conference)
      • Complete Case Study Assignment (assigned after completing the Strategic Membership and Marketing Management course)


      In order to maintain CMP or MCMP active status, a PCMA member must complete the following minimum requirements:

      • Complete the two-day Annual Membership and Marketing Conference at least once every 24 months
      • Complete one MMI elective at least once every 24 months (MMI electives are offered in a classroom setting at each Conference)

      If CMP and MCMP active status is not maintained as outlined by the minimum requirements, you will be required to contact the PCMA national office for re-activation criteria, which will include further continuing education and examinations.
  •  CMP Online Courses
    • ONLINE / ON-DEMAND CMP PROGRAM Courses Descriptions 1-10

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      This course is designed to introduce and reinforce the principles, concepts, and responsibilities of the membership and marketing process and profession. (Duration: 3 hours)
      • Understanding influences affecting a club’s ability to sell memberships Organizational structures, tax status and restrictions on membership sales, committee structures, and board/ownership issues
      • Roles and responsibilities of the membership and marketing professional including grooming, attitude, relationship building exercises, and organizing the work schedule
      • Market analysis, internal analysis, trend analysis, impact analysis, evaluating data to determine specific area of need; developing your target market, creating the appropriate incentives for your program, communicating your program
      • Value selling
      • Developing effective reporting mechanisms, club communication programs, and a marketing budget

      Donna Coyne
      see bio here




      This course is designed to help club professionals create or enhance a new member orientation program. With a focus on the fundamentals of a new member orientation program, this course walks through the steps of creating and implementing a successful program tailored to each club’s unique identity. (Duration: 2 hours)
      • Identifying club culture and how it relates to the membership and marketing professional
      • Identifying, understanding, and presenting the value of membership
      • Painting the picture of lifestyle
      • Making the connection and building relationships
      • New member profiling
      • Outlining and organizing the membership and orientation processes
      • Getting your team on board
      • Implementing the program and effective communication


      Hannah Petersen, CMP
      see bio here


      Three Carpenter, CCM
      see bio here



      There are only three ways to sell more regardless of your industry, competition, experience and market — do more right, do less wrong, or do both. Throughout this online recruitment certification course, Tim will cover the following vital topics to ensure you consistently recruit more members and maintain high percentages of new membership growth, along with loyalty and retention. (Duration: 3 hours)
      • How your overall attitudes impact your selling ability and results
      • The five traits of super successful membership and marketing professionals
      • Exposing common sales myths that too many people selling today believe
      • Ten sales premises that when understood and embraced can galvanize your sales results
      • Three simple yet effective prospecting techniques that will keep the flow of new members to your club
      • Building psychological debt — a revolutionary approach to improving sales results
      • The five biggest mistakes salespeople make and how to prevent them
      • How to disarm sales resistance in advance effectively with professionalism
      • How to sell successfully and communicate your club benefits so that fees are not a deal breaker
      • An easy and professional way to turn new prospects into members quickly and with less stress
      • Three simple steps to get the new member involved quickly into your club activities
      • Question-based selling — the vital tools of all successful club professionals


      Tim Connor
      see bio here



      This course is designed for club professionals wanting to understand better the importance of internal marketing, retention, and creating a club culture that will retain more members, increase future membership sales, and enhance revenue growth at the club. (Duration: 3 hours)
      • Introduction to "The Club Culture"
      • Identifying the psychographic profile of your members
      • Evaluating how profile and culture relates to club positioning
      • The essentials of positioning
      • Understanding the value of a member and establishing an internal marketing plan
      • Creating pride and value
      • Marketing to new and existing members and to club guests
      • Other internal markets
      • The benefits of creating programs and activities
      • The importance and process of establishing ambassadors


      Candice Clemenz, Ph.D.
      see bio here



      This course is designed for club professionals who want to understand better the importance of prospecting, techniques for prospecting new members, and how to enhance the selling and orientation process with good effective tours. (Duration: 2 hours)
      • What is prospecting; when does it start and when does it end
      • Identifying and qualifying the 4 types of prospects
      • Engaging with prospects in a relationship manner
      • The art of "not selling" to a prospective member
      • A prospect is a prospect until when
      • How a tour can make or break a membership sale
      • Key points to a good effective tour; prospective member and new member
      • Why the second tour is important

      Donna Coyne
      see bio here



      This course is designed to assist club professionals to know where their club is relative to their market’s willingness or ability to afford their specific categories of membership and fees. (Duration: 3 hours)
      • Extent of the market capable of affording membership
      • Number of potential golfers in the market area
      • Categories of membership and their compatibility with the market area
      • Pricing, equity, payment plans, and other opportunities
      • Creating non-member traffic-generating events
      • Communicating the plan, creating a sense of excitement and urgency with the members; review of graphic and collateral programs
      • Potential incentives to existing and referred members
      • Identification of potential target markets
      • Creating a perpetuating process for referrals


      Rick Coyne
      see bio here



      This course focuses on maximizing your communication skills and teaches you how to prompt your co-workers and members to think in their most natural mode and to respond more quickly. Acquire the skills to communicate with intent and meaning, and accomplish more goals. (Duration: 2 hours)
      • How to triple your trust in one third the time – V.A.K.
      • Management techniques for advanced communications
      • Understanding how the brain works with motivation
      • Matching learning strengths with job responsibilities
      • Reduce turn-over of employees using the V.A.K. System
      • Adjust to each member’s learning and buying style
      • Increase memberships and retention!
      • Better follow up with prospects
      • Self-testing forms and reading the test scores
      • How to administer the V.A.K test in your club


      Paul Webb
      see bio here



      This course will discuss how club professionals can make use of technology to increase member communication, member engagement, and, ultimately, revenue, retention, and recruitment. The focus will not be on the technology itself, but rather on the actions, policies, and processes club professionals can put in place to manage the technology. (Duration: 2 hours)
      • Management objectives for technology
      • Measuring success: how do you know you are making progress?
      • Sustaining success: what policies and procedures will perpetuate good results?
      • Important differences between traditional back-office technology and the newer member-facing technology
      • Marketing budget considerations regarding technology
      • Marketing planning for: the year; for each event; for ongoing member awareness
      • Maximizing the value of email
      • Turning a dead website into a lively member communication channel
      • Converting raw traffic into marketing value for the club


      Dr. William Ivers
      see bio here



      Learn how 86,400 seconds per day are controlled by your most dominant thoughts and how to put them to the best use. This fast paced and informative course will take your time management skills to the next level. (Duration: 30 minutes)
      • List goals and set priorities
      • Make a daily to-do list
      • Start with "A’s" not "C’s"
      • Handle each piece of paper only once
      • What’s the best use of my time right now?
      • Do it now!


      Paul Webb
      see bio here



      Events play an important role in a private club. Obviously they generate revenue, but more importantly, events add value to club membership and positively impact member retention. To maximize the benefits of club events, savvy marketing skills and knowledge are required. (Duration: 2 hours)
      • Event development based upon a member orientation
      • Components of a comprehensive event marketing plan
      • Using the marketing mix to formulate event marketing strategies
      • Generic marketing strategies applied to events
      • Positioning and branding events
      • Target marketing through themes
      • Forecasting demand for events
      • Segmentation of the market to determine viable targets
      • Interactive and internal marketing


      Candice Clemenz, Ph.D.
      see bio here

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